3 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Feel More Spacious Using Glass

Often our bathrooms aren’t as big as we would like them to be. Major renovations can seem daunting and discouraging, but transforming your bathroom into the spacious sanctuary it deserves to be isn’t as hard as you may think.

Here are 3 ways to make your bathroom feel bigger and brighter using glass:

Glass Shower & Bath Enclosures

Installing a glass shower or bath enclosure is a guaranteed way to improve the functionality and appearance of your bathroom, making it look and feel larger. Sure, shower curtains are interchangeable and add a pop of colour but glass enclosures are sleek, modern and have a number of benefits that cannot be matched by their colourful counterparts. Not only are they much easier to clean, they are durable and actually make your space look larger.

Just as any large fixture in your home, bath and shower enclosures are completely customizable. At First Response Glass, we trust only the best shower and bath enclosures from our exclusive partners, Agalite. Agalite offers a wide array of surrounds, hardware and finishings. Really tight on space? Integrate towel bars into the door or choose a sliding door over one that swings open. Your options are endless! The best part about these enclosures is they are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Glass Shelves

Storage is at a premium in small bathrooms. Clutter on the vanity can make it feel even smaller. Glass shelves are a great solution, especially because they will not warp, crack or rot in the humid environment unlike wood or MDF. They also allow light to pass through giving them a lighter, less bulky effect. Best of all, they will withstand the many different décor trends that come and go. Our custom glass shelves have multiple fabrication options and are specifically designed to fit your space.

Custom Mirror

One of the most common ways to make a room feel bigger is to incorporate a mirror. It can be hard to find a mirror that fits perfectly between the light fixture and vanity, so why not invest in a custom mirror? At First Response Glass we can help you determine the perfect size mirror, custom cut and install the mirror of your bathroom dreams. Whether you have a beloved frame you want to restore or would like to modernize with a sleek metal frame, we have the expertise to make it exactly what you want.

Stop wishing that your bathroom was bigger or waiting to have enough money to do a major renovation. We can help make your bathroom feel more spacious without tearing down walls and disrupting your home. Contact us today to discuss your ideas and get a free estimate!