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8 Things to Consider When Choosing Windows

Whether you’re designing your next home, or changing up your windows in a home renovation, there are several important things to consider when choosing your windows. Here are our top tips!

  1. Select windows according to your home’s architectural style

All homes have an architectural style and design elements that match seamlessly are more pleasing to the eye. This applies especially to windows as a major design element of any building.

  1. Determine the purpose of the window

Windows let in light and provide ventilation when open, so it is worth considering the room in which the window will be installed and the activities that will take place in that room.

  1. Ventilation

Providing a room with ventilation is one of the main functions of windows. The way in which windows open will affect the amount of ventilation the room will get. While fixed windows are less expensive, they won’t be a good choice if you need to have it open during warmer months. Double-hung sash windows, on the other hand, can be opened from the top or bottom or both, aiding ventilation and cooling.

  1. Consider the amount and direction of sunlight

Windows allow you to brighten up a room with natural light. When designing your home, it is worth looking at the orientation of the house in relation to the sun, so that rooms get the ideal amount of sunlight at specific times of the day.

  1. Operable windows for your specific application

Operable windows include single or double hung sash windows, slider (slides horizontally), awning (hinged from the top) and casement (hinged from the side and opens like a door). It’s important to consider how your windows will open. For example, while a casement window is great for allowing lots of ventilation into the room, it may not be ideal if it swings open onto a busy walkway.

  1. The view looking outwards

Windows are also all about the view outside! When designing your home, place a window that leverages on the best views your home allows. Similarly, you might want to avoid placing a large picture window on the wall that faces your neighbour’s messy backyard.

  1. The view looking inwards

Come nightfall and the lights are on in your home, windows allow a clear view of your home’s interior from the outside. If privacy is an issue, you might want to consider the type of glass for your window or the type of window coverings to screen your interior from public view.

  1. Colours

Depending on the type of windows you get, there may be a range of colours you can choose for mullions. Consider the interiors and the exterior wall colours when selecting your windows. Do you want them to match or contrast? Will the colours suit the architectural style of the home?

When it comes time to choose your windows, come and speak to one of our window experts at First Response Glass who will guide you to your best choice!