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A Bathroom Upgrade with Glass and Mirror

For a modern bathroom upgrade with clean lines to complement new fixtures, glass and mirror are both great choices of material to incorporate into your overall design. Whether your project encompasses a luxurious en suite or a small powder room, all bathrooms feature glass or mirror in some way or form. Here are a few practical options to consider.

Glass Shower Doors

In lieu of shower curtains, glass enclosures for your bathtub or shower are a popular design trend that is not likely to go away. If your bathroom is cramped, shower curtains would make the space feel even smaller because of the bulk of material dividing up the space. Glass enclosures will make your small bathroom will feel more spacious.

Shower curtains also tend to cut out light in the tub or shower. Glass will help make the overall space much brighter. But if privacy in the shower is what you seek, the enclosure can be customized with frosted glass, either fully or partially.

Maintaining and cleaning is also easy with glass. Shower curtain materials attract damp, mold and soap scum which is often difficult to remove or get entirely clean. In comparison, cleaning glass is quick and easily included in your weekly cleaning routine.


Mirrors can be incorporated in a variety of ways in your bathroom renovation. If space is a premium, a wall-to-wall mirror is not only a space saver, it will also give the illusion of a more spacious room.

Mirrors lend the ability to create interesting and eye-catching design in bathrooms, as it is both a necessity and a decorative element. A mirror cabinet hides the usual bathroom detritus, but with an abundance of under-sink storage in today’s contemporary designs, the mirror cabinet is less common now. Instead, create a mirror with an open shelf (see feature image).

Lastly, mirrors don’t always have to be rectangular or have sharp corners. Consider playing with shapes and rounded edges to give visual interest to your bathroom.

We hope you are inspired! When you are ready to tackle that bathroom upgrade, get in touch with First Response Glass for an obligation-free quote.