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A Homeowner’s Guide to Window Maintenance

Windows are a crucial part of your home – letting in light, helping to keep the temperature of your home regulated, keeping out dust and pollens, and providing security as well. So, it’s important not to neglect them when going through your seasonal maintenance routine. By following these tips, you will not only enhance their appearance but also prolong their longevity.


Regular cleaning will bring greater clarity to the glass. Use a glass cleaner or a vinegar and hot water mixture to clean the glass panes with a soft and clean microfibre cloth or sponge. Take care not to clean too vigorously so as not to scratch or damage the glass.

Clean the tracks, as dirt and grime that has built-up along the tracks can cause moving mechanisms to stick or jam. Vacuum up any loose dirt, then clean with a mild detergent, using a soft brush, if needed, to remove tougher dirt. Be sure to dry the tracks before returning the window into place.

Finally, wipe down wooden casings and sashes.

If you have screens, pop them out and lay them on a clean flat surface and sponge them with a mild detergent and dry thoroughly before replacing them in your windows.


Every season, it’s a good idea to thoroughly check your windows. What will you need to look for? Check the condition of window sashes and frames, looking out for signs of rot or damage. In your double-pane windows, look out for moisture in between panes, as this could indicate a failed seal.

Caulking can wear away with use and with time, so check if the caulking around the window on the interior and exterior needs redone. This is also a good time to check the weather-stripping, if you have any.

Lastly, check if your windows need re-painted, which may be the case every 5-8 years.

Get the Experts In

While some of the maintenance can be easily done by any homeowner, one should call in the experts if a bigger job needs done, such as cleaning high, hard-to-reach, windows from the outside. If there are any signs that require a window to be repaired or replaced, because of damage or a failed seal, then it’s time to call in the professionals.

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