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A Reflection on Modern Home Trends with Glass

When you think of glass in the home, windows and doors come to mind, but glass can be used in a multitude of ways to enhance your interiors, as it has been done for centuries. Glass not only introduces light and warmth into the room, but its versatility allows many creative expressions of design, from glass tabletops to glass walls and even stained glass for decoration.

Here are 7 ways to introduce glass into your home.

1. Glass use in the interior creates a strong streamlined aesthetic and can be made the focal point of a room. Staircases are an example where stair railings and even stair treads can be made of glass.

2. Because glass can help to make a room appear larger, it can be used in stead of interior walls. In an open plan room, glass doors and walls help create partitions to delineate spaces such as the kitchen or the home office.

3. If you’re considering an extension or addition in the home, a conservatory or sunroom is far from dated when designed in a contemporary modern style. Pair your new conservatory in the same style era as your home or contrast your traditional home with a modern addition.

4. If a conservatory is too large a commitment, another trend to consider in its place is skylights. Skylights are an effective way to introduce warmth and light into the home without the challenges of keeping the aesthetics in sync with the vintage of the house.

5. Another interesting trend at home is coloured glass. Introduce colour with back-painted glass to define areas of the home, such as in the kitchen, bathroom, behind built-in bookcases or at a work area with a desk.

6. Glass enclosures in the bathroom continue to be a favoured design trend. They are an effective way to prevent water from splashing out of the shower or tub and to bring in more light into a small confined space.

7. You might think that mirrored walls and ceilings are an interior design trend best left behind in the 80s, but there is a perfectly good reason to this trend, as the reflection of a room in the mirror gives the impression of space. Entire walls of mirror, however, are a design rarely seen these days in modern homes. Framed mirrors and mirrored elements such as door panels or kitchen backsplash are subtler options.

Looking to the future, our homes may soon be introduced to smart glass technology!