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Auto Glass Replacement Costs Victoria BC

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Are you searching the web trying to find out how much auto glass replacement costs in Victoria BC? At First Response Glass we get asked a lot of questions on a daily basis. This is a one of if not the most asked question and we thought why not write a blog post answering this question.

Cost of auto glass replacement will depend upon a couple of things. For example, what kind of insurance do you have? In most cases, if you have comprehensive coverage you will want to make an insurance claim. Making a claim on your comprehensive insurance does not affect insurance rating or premium. What does comprehensive insurance cover? Comprehensive Insurance covers damaged glass caused by flying rocks or road debris striking and breaking your vehicle’s glass. It also covers break-ins, vandalism, and other accidental breakages. Your comprehensive deductible is the only out of pocket expense you will incur. The good news is we are an ICBC express shop and an authorized service provider for all insurance companies so we can get your auto glass replaced quickly. We’ll even take care of contacting your insurance company so you don’t have to. Learn more about the private insurance companies we deal with. If you do not have comprehensive insurance coverage the cost will be dependent upon the Year, Make and Model of the vehicle that requires auto glass replacement.

If your windshield has a chip and are you thinking it might need to be replaced, it might not need to be replaced as it can be repaired by our windshield chip repair service. If the chip has not grown too big, we will be able to inject it with a bonding agent to prevent the chip from spreading across your windshield.

We hope we have answered your question dealing with the costs of auto glass replacement in Victoria BC. If you need a quote, please submit one on our auto glass quote page.