In most cases, if your vehicle is covered by ICBC’s optional comprehensive insurance, we can process your claim for you… there’s no need to contact ICBC.

To make a claim simply call us or, if you prefer, you may bring your damaged vehicle to one our convenient locations… no appointment necessary.

Please note that if any of the following conditions exist you will be required to visit the ICBC Claim Centre at 425 Dunedin St, Victoria, BC (no appointment necessary) or alternatively you may call the ICBC Dial–a-Claim line at 1-800-910-4222:

  1. You have a Temporary Operation Permit
  2.  You have a vehicle storage policy on the vehicle
  3.  There is more than just glass damage to your vehicle
  4. There is more than one piece of glass broken or your vehicle
  5. The vehicle is more than 20 years old
  6. You have owned your vehicle for less than 30 days before the damage occurred.
  7. You purchased your comprehensive coverage in the last 30 days.


With every windshield replacement, you will receive:

  • A lifetime no-leak warranty
  • Interior Vacuum
  • Complimentary courtesy car
  • New wiper blades (for most vehicles)
  • Hassle Free insurance processing

Call 250-383-9300 to speak to one our knowledgeable staff. We offer FREE estimates.