At First Response Glass we believe that good workmanship goes hand in hand with good customer service. We recognize that if our work doesn’t meet proper standards, the good service our customers received will mean very little. We offer a full workmanship warrantee on all our work and if our customer is not happy, we will make every effort to rectify the matter to their satisfaction.

Windshield and Fixed Glass Replacement

Your glass is replaced using the highest quality materials available to First Response Glass Ltd. The glass is bonded to the body of your vehicle using a urethane adhesive which meets or exceeds standards for glass retention when cured. First Response Glass Ltd. provides a lifetime no-leak warranty. Exception to lifetime warranty: If rust is evident, we can not fully warrant the installation of glass part. Stress breaks are warranted for 90 days.

To prevent your newly installed windshield from leaking please follow these simple rules FOR AT LEAST 24 HOURS

  1. Do not take your car to a power car wash.
  2. Remove tape after 24 hours (if used) – please pull slowly to prevent paint damage.
  3.  Avoid driving at high speeds for the first 24 hours.
  4. Park on a level surface.

Moveable Glass Replacements

Moveable glass parts replaced by First Response Glass Ltd. are warranted for 90 days against operational failure due to poor workmanship. We can not warranty any existing mechanical parts. Please use caution when operating the glass. Refrain from slamming your car doors or excessive use of the moveable part for 24 hours.

Warranty Repairs

To obtain a warranty repair, you must bring your vehicle to our shop together with a copy of the original First Response Glass Ltd. invoice as proof of purchase, no refunds or credits will be granted for any work or repairs done by the customer or any third parties, without prior authorization.