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Backsplash with Glass

A kitchen revamp will always include a backsplash option. While many homeowners may prefer to keep the cabinetry consistent with the aesthetic of the home, or be of a specific neutral colour, the backsplash allows some creativity and visual interest. There are so many options for a backsplash, from the perennial favourite of porcelain or ceramic subway tiles, to mosaic tiles, marble or granite slabs, brick and aluminium.

Sheet glass is also becoming a new favourite with many designers and homeowners, especially for a fresh and contemporary kitchen. Here are 5 benefits of using glass as your backsplash material.

  1. Easy to clean

With no grout lines, like small-format tiles, cleaning the glass surface from water splashes and cooking residue will be a breeze with a quick spritz of glass-cleaner and wiping down with a dry cloth.

  1. Easy maintenance

Natural stone backsplashes like marble and granite need to be sealed and over time, re-sealed. Glass has virtually no maintenance apart from normal cleaning that goes with regular kitchen maintenance.

  1. Reflective surface brightens up the room

As light bounces off the glass, this helps to brighten up a room that lacks natural light.

  1. Customizable

Homeowners can get creative with the backsplash design. Because the sheet glass protects the wall behind it, you can paint the back wall any colour you wish or have it customized with a material that may not otherwise be suitable for a backsplash, such as wallpaper.

  1. Cost effective

By keeping it simple, the overall cost may be kept low, an ideal choice if you are on a budget.

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