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Chip Repair or Glass Replacement?

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Should a glass chip or crack be repaired OR should the entire windshield be replaced? This is one of the questions vehicle owners ask us all the time.

It’s worth noting that when a repair is deemed suitable for a chip or crack, our technician’s main aim is to make repairs so that the glass has established structural integrity again. Aesthetics are not the main concern and it is very possible that the repair leaves behind a watermark or scar. As it were, if the repair turned out to be invisible, then that’s a bonus!

When you bring your vehicle in to First Response Glass, our trained technicians will assess if a repair will be sufficient, or if your vehicle needs a replacement window or windshield. Replacement will be recommended if they see any of the following:

– The impact point interferes with the driver’s line of vision
– There are 3 or more chips in one windshield
– The impact point extends through more than one layer of the laminated glass
– The inside layer is cracked or chipped
– Point of impact is pulverized
– The chip is larger than a quarter

Call us today to schedule your appointment with First Response Glass, where one of our certified Victoria glass technicians can assess your damage and recommend the best solution.