Hassle Free………Complementary Picture Program


At First Response Glass we strongly feel that no businessperson should ever have to spend the night at his or her business after it’s been broken into. Our goal is to get our customers back home to bed as quickly as possible. To assist us with this goal, we have implemented what we call our “Commercial Storefront Picture Program”. How it works is we take pictures of the storefront and then measure and assess each window that appears in the pictures. This information is kept on file. Our customer is provided with copies of the pictures, with each window numbered on the picture. When they have a broken window, they merely need to call us and quote the number of the window that is broken. We immediately know the measurement, thickness and color of the glass, and whether the window is single glazed or double-glazed. This program allows us to provide an even faster and more efficient service than usual. This is a complementary program that we currently offer to our customers. For your complementary picture package please Contact Us



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