Common Windshield Damage Mistakes

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You may be better off leaving some do-it-yourself projects to the professionals. But how are you to know when you should make a phone call instead of heading to your auto parts store?

Maybe a stone chip seemed to appear on your windshield out of nowhere, or you have a major crack on it and you know what happened and when. In any case, you have a problem and it needs to be fixed sooner rather than later. Whatever response you choose will have consequences, some of which you will not have anticipated. Here are three windshield damage mistakes we see all the time at First Response Glass so that you can avoid them.

Letting a stone chip or crack sit for too long, allowing it to potentially get bigger.

No response is still a response—and it could end up costing you. You might think that it will not get worse, comparing your situation to others. Maybe your neighbour has a chip or bigger damage on their windshield that has been there for years. However, you are best off getting it looked at as soon as possible, for the sake of your wallet and your safety. The longer you more wait, the more likely it is that you will have to replace your whole windshield

Using do-it-yourself kits bought at the store to fix a chip.

They seem like a quick, cheap solution to a potentially big problem. But if you are not familiar with what is involved with the process or with the materials included in the kit, you could make a mistake easily and cause a bigger problem. You have a lot at stake.

Watching an online tutorial and trying to replicate it.

Professionals have a way of making their work look easy. That’s because it is easier for them—they have the physical experience of doing their tasks over and over again. When you watch a video on fixing windshield damage, you should be wary of what effect the professional’s expertise has on how easy the task looks. It might not be that straightforward for you. You really only have one chance to try to get it right. Is it worth it for you to take a chance that might cause further damage?

Here at First Response Glass in Victoria, we have the expertise you need. Give us a call or drop by our Saanich or Langford branch to get your chipped windshield repaired by our certified professionals.