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Custom Glass Ideas For Your Home

If you’re thinking of changing up your interiors, a great option to consider is custom glass projects. The versatility of glass and its timeless and elegant appearance makes it an easy addition to any interior, while introducing light and warmth into the room. For those on a tight budget, glass is a relatively inexpensive material, its value-add far outweighing its cost. Here are a few ideas for your next home project with glass!

  1. Replace cabinet or wardrobe doors with glass

Wood cabinet doors in a kitchen can often feel heavy and imposing, especially in a small space with limited natural light. By replacing the upper cabinet doors with glass ones or glass inserts will make the kitchen feel brighter and more spacious, making it an overall more pleasant workspace. If you feel that a clear view of the inside of your cabinet is not ideal, you could opt for frosted or patterned glass. The same idea works for wardrobe doors as well.

  1. Glass shelving

Glass shelves look great for displaying your collectibles. In a room that is heavy on wood, glass will add some variation to material.

  1. Glass tabletops

If you wish to protect your wood dining table from scuffs and scratches, a glass sheet over top the wood will save it from unsightly wear and tear, and makes cleaning a much easier task as well.

A glass tabletop can also replace a wood one entirely. Think a glass top resting on a pair of trestles for an elegant sideboard or desk, bringing visual interest to the room.

  1. Interior glass walls and doors for rooms

For the more ambitious, walls can come down and glass partitions and doors put up. A glass room opens up the space while continuing to keep that space separate. This might work for a study or reading room, where you might occasionally like some privacy or soundproofing. For wine connoisseurs, nothing says elegance as much as a glass wine cellar displaying one’s collection.

  1. Shower doors

It might be time to ditch that mouldy shower curtain and replace it with a glass enclosure in your bathroom. Glass enclosures work for both showers and tubs and help to make your bathroom brighter. The streamline appearance of glass will also make your bathroom seem more spacious.

With all these great ideas, it might be time to work glass into your home’s interior. Call First Response Glass on 250-383-9300 to get a quote on your project today!