Difference Between Windshield And Other Glass

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All of the glass of your vehicle is designed to not injure you should it ever get broken. Your windshield is, however, made of a different type of glass than your rear and side windows. It’s good to learn how each type of glass is made and how it will break in the event that it is hit, so you’ll know what to expect. Here’s our guide to the difference between windshield and other auto glass.

Windshield glass

To offer you the highest level of safety should you ever get into an accident, windshields are made of laminated glass. This type of glass contains a thin layer of vinyl placed in between two sheets of glass. These three different elements are laminated through the process of applying heat and pressure in an autoclave, which is a type of oven.

If a stone or other small object hits your windshield, you can expect that the glass will break only on the outer layer. You should still get the windshield looked at as soon as possible before it turns into a bigger concern than it started out as.

If you get into an accident or the windshield is impacted more harshly for whatever reason, the glass will likely shatter but the pieces should stick to the vinyl.

Side and rear window glass

Made of tempered glass, your side and rear window glass will break into small pieces, each piece about the size of rock salt. This means that should the glass break, anyone in the car will not be at risk of getting hit by big pieces of glass.

This type of glass is made by heating the glass to over 593 degrees celsius, then cooling it at a rapid pace. Untempered glass that is the same thickness of tempered glass is much less strong than the glass of your rear and side windows.

If you have minor or major damage on any of your auto glass, contact us or come visit us at First Response Glass Ltd in Victoria for convenient glass repair that will keep you safe and your vehicle’s warranty in tact.