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Get Creative With Glass To Elevate Your Work Space

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Companies and business-owners value natural light and good ventilation as important factors for employee well-being, as well as productivity. Offices are now built or renovated to incorporate lots of windows and even skylights to brighten up large floor plans.

Apart from windows, glass can also be incorporated into the modern workspace in other creative ways.


Clear glass room dividers help to distinguish and separate spaces without cutting out light or building walls that might make the space seem cramped. Glass partitions have the ability to break up open-plan concepts without compromising on looks and the desire for openness. At the same time, they create some privacy and soundproofing. In a retail setting or in a restaurant, glass can be used to create elegant pockets of spaces or divide a room into sections.


Glass is also a great material to use as part of furniture, especially if you want to create a clean and modern look or get away from the dark heaviness of wood. Glass desktops on wooden trestles or a metal frame lend a look of creativity and modernity. Similarly, open glass shelving is an understated way to display retail products or to decorate an office space.

Coloured glass walls

Steer away from the typical office greys and infuse your workspace with colour! Tinted glass is a winning option here. Not only do they let light pass through but can be tinted to any hue that you want, creating the look and vibe you wish to portray for your business.

Glass signage

Etched glass signage, the use of film and frosted glass together with creative lighting are great ways to brand your company. Uses can range from the company logo in your office reception area to the name of the executive sitting in the coveted corner office.

Glass boards

Ditch the whiteboard and go with glass. Glass makes a great canvas to get creative. It’s easy to clean and looks good in the office setting.

Did these suggestions inspire you? First Response Glass provides custom-cut plate glass for various purposes in your home, office or commercial space. Come speak to us about your next project!