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Get Your Windows Sparkling Clean

The supermarket shelves are lined row upon row with cleaners claiming to get your windows and mirrors sparkly clean. If you’re concerned about the excessive use of chemicals and the aerosol containers that many of these cleaners come in, there are other easy ways to get your glass cleaned and streak-free using simple, chemical-free, everyday products.

As a first step for really dirty windows and shower enclosures, lots of hot soapy water gets rid of built-up grime and dust.

As a regular cleaning agent, a mix of 2 cups of water, ¼ cup of vinegar and a teaspoon of dish soap in a spray bottle works wonders. Vinegar is non-toxic and anti-bacterial, making it an ideal cleaning agent for a chemical-free household. Furthermore, the acidic composition of vinegar will help remove any film that may have accumulated on your windows. The result is sparkling clean glass.

It’s also important to dry off the cleaning agent immediately with a cloth or paper. If the cleaner is left on the glass for too long and allowed to dry by air or sunlight, this will leave behind streaks and splotches. For this reason, it’s best to not clean your windows when it is hot and/or sunny.

A lint-free cloth is essential for cleaning glass. Squeegees are great for removing soap suds and excess liquid quickly and efficiently. Paper towels, while convenient, can often leave little bits of lint behind as well as streaks. A great alternative to disposable paper towels is newspaper. Instead of tossing out yesterday’s rag, crumple each sheet into a loose ball and use it to disperse and mop up your vinegar spray. The paper acts as a mild abrasive to remove dirt and the absorbent paper leaves the glass streak-free. Use a fresh piece whenever the paper has absorbed the liquid. When your task is done, the used newspaper can be added to your compost.

Always wash your windows from top to bottom, and washing them twice a year should keep your home looking fresh and bright.