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Getting Your Windows Ready For Winter

As the days get shorter and cooler, make sure you give yourself enough time to check your windows in preparation for the coming winter months. There’s nothing worse than feeling that cold draught through your home when what you crave is warmth and comfort. Damaged windows are also detrimental to the energy efficiency of your house, so it’s a good idea to spend some time inspecting your windows before winter sets in proper. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Examine the weather stripping around your windows and exterior doors, looking for tears or damage and paying special attention to areas where friction from moving parts may occur most. Replace the weather stripping as necessary.

Check the caulking on the exterior of your windows. Gaps in the caulking are quite common and are usually the first instance of cold air entering your house. Re-caulking is a quick and easy fix, so there’s no avoiding the problem!

Look through the glass and check for cracks or chips. Damaged glass will need to be replaced.

Pay attention to water droplets on your windows. Is the condensation on the interior of the window which can be easily wiped off, or are the droplets on the inner panes of a doubled glazed window? If the latter, then it’s likely that you have a failed sealed unit, and replacement is in your near future.

Inspect your window frames, making sure the wood is not warped or cracked, especially at the corners and joints. Test your windows by opening and closing, locking and unlocking, to ensure ease of operation, and to check that handles, latches and locks are all in good functioning order.

If any of your windows need replaced, First Response Glass offers vinyl windows that are energy efficient, low maintenance and suitable for a range of budgets. Contact us for your no obligation quote and consultation!