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Glass Balustrades For Your Home

Balustrades are a necessary safety barrier between two levels in your home, and glass makes the perfect material for such railings. So, whether you are installing the balustrade to go along an indoor staircase, or on an outdoor space such as a balcony or patio, a glass balustrade has many advantages in its versatility and good looks. Here are a few great reasons!

Durability and Easy Maintenance

Glass is a durable material, and glass balustrades are made using tempered glass, making the barrier strong and stable. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use because of its easy maintenance. While glass railings will require occasional cleaning, there’s not much more to it when it comes to maintenance. This is unlike a wood deck, for example, which needs annual painting or staining, and may be prone to splitting or cracking.

Framed v. Frameless

Glass balustrades can be customized according to your needs and to the space. Your balustrade can be framed or frameless, depending on your space availability and the aesthetic you are going for. Frameless balustrades work well for smaller spaces to create more visual space, while a balustrade framed with wood, for example, may be desired for a more cohesive look with the rest of the surrounding fixtures. Framed balustrades give a more traditional appearance, while frameless is more modern.

Customizable Glass

You can also select the type of glass you wish to install. Frosted glass is ideal if privacy is of importance, while clear glass allows you a clear view of your surroundings. It is also possible to use a combination of both.


There is also little doubt that glass enhances the aesthetics of any home, and hence, increases the value of your home. The sleek and streamline appearance of glass fixtures adds elegance and sophistication to the overall look of the home. It makes a space look bigger and brighter, and for a patio or deck that overlooks a beautiful garden, glass allows unobstructed views to be enjoyed from above.

With so many options available and factors to consider, you may want some guidance and sound advice along the way. Feel free to contact First Response Glass to speak to one of our glass experts. We are Victoria’s go-to for all your glass needs.