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Glass Projects To Elevate Your Home and Commercial Space

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Apart from auto glass and residential windows, First Response Glass also provides custom-cut plate glass for various purposes in your home, office or commercial space. Glass is an ideal material for all settings. With its elegant and timeless appearance, it adapts to all interior styles, from traditional to contemporary.

Plate glass can be cut to any shape or size. It can also be etched with designs or frosted. There is a myriad of uses for glass; here are just a few suggestions to consider for your next project.

  1. Room partitions

Clear glass room dividers allow you to distinguish and separate spaces without cutting out light or building walls that might make the space seem cramped. In the home, glass partitions can help break up open-plan concepts without compromising on looks and the desire for openness. In the office, glass partitions create some privacy and soundproofing. Similarly, in a retail setting or in a restaurant, glass can be used to create elegant pockets of spaces or divide a room into sections.

  1. Display case

If you’ve visited a museum with standalone glass cases protecting a priceless antique, you might think of doing the same for a precious heirloom at home or even in your commercial space. Displays can come in many forms, from tabletop displays to standing cases. A glass enclosure will protect the displayed item while allowing it to be seen in all its glory.

  1. Tabletop protector

Prevent those unsightly water rings from ruining your wood furniture by protecting the surface with plate glass. We can custom cut glass to any size and shape with bevelled edges and rounded corners to sit on top of tables and other wood furniture.

  1. Storefronts

Chances are you’ve come across our work in storefronts throughout Victoria as you walk through the many shopping malls and commercial spaces in the city.

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