How to Clean Different Types of Glass

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Glass is one of the many modern materials that are widely used today in infrastructure. When it comes to cleaning mirrors, car windshields, and windows, those streaks and stains are sometimes too hard to remove. Learning how to clean glass with special techniques can be beneficial. This article will aid you in recognizing the different types of glass and how to properly clean them.

Tempered Glass

Sometimes known as the “safety glass”, tempered glass is about five times tougher compared to annealed glass. If accidentally broken, it will shatter into pebble-sized pieces, which isn’t likely to cause harm. However, tempered glass can scratch easily, so make sure to use a premium quality cleaner and soft towel. Do not scrape it using a sharp blade and don’t scrub it forcefully.

Annealed Glass

Annealed glass is a common type of glass that is used for windows in homes and commercial establishments, but is not so common for vehicles. This glass is made by a slow cooling process which releases the core stresses after forming it. It is normally flat and easy to clean. Skilled professional window cleaners utilize razor blades in cleaning this glass since it is difficult to scratch, but doing this is not recommended to homeowners. Cleaning annealed glass can be done using water, dishwashing soap, a sponge and a microfiber towel. Any glass window cleaner can also be used in cleaning.

Heat-Strengthened Glass

Heat-strengthened glass is a type of glass that has been heat treated to bring about surface compression, but not to the point of causing it to “dice” in the way of tempered glass. This glass is much stronger compared to annealed glass, though it can have fabricating debris. Heat-strengthened glass can endure quick increases in temperature but tends to have imperfections. Razor blades should not be used on this type of window. Cleaning heat-strengthened glass can be done in the same way as annealed glass with a sponge and microfiber towel.

Windshield Interior

A simple car wash isn’t enough to clean the yellowish and foggy film that forms inside the windshield of the car. The difficult angle of the glass makes it tough to clean manually. To make it easier to clean, you can use cleaning products or sprays, soft microfiber towels and tools that make it easy to reach the angles such as shaped sponges.

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