How To Clean Water Spots Left On Auto Glass

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The glass surfaces on your vehicle when kept nice and shiny not only enhance it’s appearance but also provide clear visibility for a safe driving experience. Rain, dirt, condensation & fog and road grime can ruin the appearance and reduce visibility.

Minerals and other contaminates leave spots on your windshield and glass surfaces of your car or truck. Auto glass requires different care than the glass surfaces in your home for instance.

Here is how to clean those annoying water spots.


You will need an ammonia free cleaner made especially for auto glass and one or two soft, lint free cloths or towels. Regularly cleaning your auto glass to remove spots will prevent damage to window tint, as well.

Tips for cleaning

Spray surface evenly with the glass cleaner, wipe immediately with a clean, dry towel

Wiping in one direction and folding towel or cloth each time, using a dry towel will avoid streaking.

When cleaning the windshield clean one side at a time so the glass cleaner will not dry too quickly. For other glass roll windows down 1 or 2 inches to reach the top, finishing with the bottom part.


Always clean auto glass in a shady spot, exposure to direct sunlight can cause the cleaner to dry too fast. This will avoid streaks, and change your cloth or towel often, or fold towel to ensure a clean section each time. Do not use newspaper, today’s newspaper is not as absorbent and can leave ink behind.

Glass repair or replacement

There are times when your auto glass may need repair or replacement. Should your windshield get damaged or you become the victim of a break-in, we are an ICBC glass express shop. From stone chip repair to glass replacement, we have been serving residents of Victoria since 1990.

Submit your information online for a free quote or to answer any questions about insurance coverage, or book your appointment online or by contacting our office. At First Response Glass we want to provide a stress-free experience right down to returning your vehicle interior in clean condition.