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How To De-Ice Your Windshield – Fast!

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It’s always wise to factor in more time to get to work or school on a cold winter’s day. Not only will traffic be slower on potentially snowy or icy roads, but if you park your car outside overnight, it will take at least an extra 10-15 minutes to get your windshield clear before it’s safe for you to drive.

First Response Glass has some prep tips on how to de-ice your windshield fast so you can get on your way!

1. Use a de-icer spray

Commercial de-icing spray is easily available at any car supply or big box store, and many of these sprays work well.

Home-made de-icers also work really well. The ingredients are easy to get – you probably already have them at home – and the final product is cheaper than store-bought.

The first option is a combination of 2 parts 70% isopropyl alcohol and 1 part water in a spray bottle. The second option is to dissolve 2 scoops of salt in a spray bottle of water. Both these mixtures will lower the freezing point of water, and when they are sprayed onto your windshield, the ice will melt, allowing you to finish removing the ice with a soft brush. Don’t forget to de-ice your rear windshield too.

Top tip: store your de-icer at room temperature, not in your car.

2. Melt Windshield Ice from the Inside Out

While waiting for the de-icer to work, you can help things along by starting your car and turning up the temperature inside to the warmest setting and selecting the defrost mode. Turn the fan to its strongest setting. This will help melt the ice from the inside out.

3. Use a brush or ice scraper

Once the melting has started, you can move things along by removing loose ice with a brush or an ice scraper. Once the job is done, quickly mop up the excess with a squeegee or your wipers.

Lastly, when the temperatures drop quickly, make sure to check your windshield for any cracks or damage to the glass from expansion and contraction during temperature fluctuations. If the damage is small, a repair may be possible. First Response Glass offers fast and reliable service for windshield repair and replacement.