How to defog a windshield

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A clear windshield is necessary for safe driving. Cold, dry winter air can leave your windows fogged up easily from the inside, and it’s always in your best interests to get them cleared in a convenient manner. So, how can you get your windshield defogged effectively? Here are the two main methods you can use, depending on your situation.

Do you need the windshield clear as soon as possible?

If you’re driving along and suddenly your windshield becomes foggy, you are going to want to get the problem fixed quickly. To do this, you will have to sacrifice some of your comfort, as you will have to lower the temperature within the interior of the car at a rapid pace. This will force the moisture in the car to stop affecting the glass. You will need to specifically either open a window or turn on the defrost vent but not the heat.

This isn’t the ideal solution if you like to stay toasty warm in your vehicle, but for urgent situations, this is most efficient. Being able to see all around you when you’re on the road is important for everyone’s safety, so don’t take an unnecessary risk and leave the fogginess there.

What if you’re trying to maintain a clear windshield and want to stay warm?

If you are out driving on a chilly day and know that fog could become a problem on your windshield, it’s nicer to follow a different method that does involve warming the inside of your car.

What you need to do is turn on your heater and also turn on the defrost setting to get warm air blowing from one side of the windshield to the other. This will get the moisture evaporated. You will also want to avoid using the recirculation feature in your car. This feature would get the humid air inside of your vehicle to continue to circulate around, which is not what you want. What you do want is for the dry air from outside of the vehicle to come inside. The recirculation feature is most ideally used in the summertime as a way to use your air conditioning to its highest potential–but the same does not apply to the winter.

If you have any concerns at all with your windshield that will impact your ability to drive safely, like a crack or chip in the glass, don’t hesitate to contact us to get your free quote and to learn more about our auto glass repair and replacement in Victoria BC.