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How To Defog Your Windshield

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Regardless of the weather out there, a fogged-up windshield is an annoyance that can add to the list of hazards out there when driving. Not only does the foggy windows make it hard to see the road ahead, it also obscures your vision of mirrors and blind spots. On cold mornings, give yourself a few extra minutes in your routine to get your windows ready for safe driving. Similarly, on extra hot days, familiarise yourself on what to do when your windows fog up during your drive. Read on for tips on defogging your windows!

On a cold day, condensation forms on the glass of the car’s windshield and windows when the temperature inside the car gets warmer than it is outside. The point where water vapour from the air becomes liquid is known as dewpoint. Water vapour from our breath and the warmth of our bodies are contributing factors too.

Blasting hot air in an attempt to evaporate the moisture creates a temporary fix, but the fogginess will return in no time. Instead, blow cold air out of the defroster onto the windshield to lower the temperature of the glass on the inside, in order to match its temperature on the outside. You can also turn on the air conditioner, or if all else fails, crack open the windows to cool the interior.

Another top tip is to switch off the “recirculate” button of the car’s air conditioning system, so as not to reuse the moist air inside the car. A humid interior from wet or snowy boots soaking into the carpet will also cause condensation problems. It’s a good idea to wet-vac, as needed, or remove any mats to be dried.

On a hot day, most of the fog that forms is on the exterior, so a quick swish of your wipers will do the trick. To tackle the problem of moisture building up on your side windows, you can try blowing warm air on the problem areas.

Suffice to say, a clean car can help with reducing moisture build-up. Apart from cleaning damp carpets, it’s also a good idea to clear out that bag of sweaty sports gear and the towel you lay down for the wet dog.

And finally, what not to do. We all know it, yet we all still do it – avoid wiping the foggy windows with your hands. Oils from our hands transfer to the glass, and while wiping can fix it temporarily, the problem will return and be worse when it does. If a quick fix by wiping is needed, use a microfibre cloth instead.