How to Protect Windshield from Rain

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Though most people consider rains to be milder compared to other kinds of precipitation, heavy rain storms are as dangerous as snow or hail. If you have experienced driving through a rainstorm, it is likely that your windshield could have taken a beating. This is because most drivers will turn their windshield wiper speed to maximum in order to see clearly. This results in extreme friction which produces windshield cracks and scratches.

Although rain is not normally a concern, it is something to be aware of. Here are a few steps that you must take to defend your windshield from the rain, and some tips to remember:

Invest in Good Wiper Blades

Producers of windshield rain proofing merchandise are unanimous on the significance of replacing wiper blades often, as often as three to four times per year. Opt for wiper blades that can provide equal pressure so they make a clean sweep and do not leave streaks through failure to make contact with the windshield. Don’t wait for the blade to break down. Rain proofing products cannot work alone, and good wiper blades are lifesavers during heavy rain.

Clean Glass

You might be wondering about how a clean windshield protects your car from the rain. Although the process of cleaning doesn’t directly shield it from the rain, cleaning it will help to safeguard your windshield wipers, which are responsible for protecting the glass in your windshield. Dirty windshields produce dirty wipers, and this can lead to extra wear and tear in the rubber. Remember, you must clean the glass of your windshield regularly and pay special attention to the surface below the wipers.

Park Cautiously

Before you park your car, you must check your surroundings. It is recommended to park your car in a covered parking space as much as possible, but avoid parking under trees that have weak branches which can easily fall and harm your car. These tips are easy to follow, and by noting these recommendations you are preventing expensive damage to your windshield. For your benefit, follow these tips for they may help you save time and money on future windshield repair.

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