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I Can See Clearly Now! – Cleaning and Maintaining Your Windshield

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Keeping your windshield and windows of your vehicle clean is not just for the sake of appearance but also for safety. Clean glass provides clear vision when driving. With dirt gradually building up, you might not realize your windows are dirty until you clean them.

Here are a few tips to help you clean and maintain your vehicle’s windows.

Clean Regularly

Suffice to say, a regular cleaning will help with consistently clean and clear windshield and windows. Whether you have your vehicle professionally detailed or you clean it yourself, always leave the windshield and other glass to the last, after everything else on the interior and exterior has been wiped down, washed or waxed.

And while the exterior of your windshield might bear the brunt of the dirty work, be sure to also clean the inside of the windshield.

Use the Right Equipment

There are many good auto-glass cleaning products on the market. For cleaning your windshield, it’s best to stick to a known product rather than a DIY concoction. It’s also recommended to use a clean, good quality, microfibre cloth.

So that your cleaning spray doesn’t evaporate too quickly leaving dried residue or streaks, park your vehicle in a shady spot and pick a day when the weather is not too hot.

Don’t Forget About the Wipers

The windshield wipers are an integral part of the windshield too, so don’t forget about cleaning them to remove any grit or grime which in turn will cause your windshield to get dirty or even scratched. When cleaning your wiper blades – you can use the same glass cleaner for this purpose – also check to make sure the wipers are still in good condition. If the rubber is brittle or cracked, use this as an opportunity to replace the wipers. Generally speaking, wipers should be replaced every six months, depending on use.

Repair a Chip or Crack

A dirty windshield might obscure your vision and hide other blemishes, such as small chips or cracks. During the cleaning process, examine the condition of your windshield and windows, checking for any scratches or damage that may need the attention of an auto-glass specialist. A small chip or crack could very easily grow to become a bigger problem.

If you discover any auto-glass issues, make an appointment with First Response Glass for a consultation.