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Improve Your Office Space with Glass

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“Work smarter, not harder” according to the adage. This means not only focussing on productivity but also balancing it with self-care. The principle’s methodology mostly encompasses time management skills, avoiding multi-tasking, knowing when to say “no”, taking breaks and spending time outside.

The immediate work environment also plays an important part in ensuring productivity and preventing employee burn-out. The modern office workspace should aim to provide optimal natural light, good ventilation and engaging design that inspires mindfulness. If you’ve ever admired the offices of some of the most successful companies today, you will find this in common – creative use of glass to let in light, open up spaces and create flow.

While you may not have the same financial reach as Google or Spotify, fitting out your office space with glass is, in fact, a simple and budget-friendly aesthetic upgrade with many benefits. With more daylight in your work environment, the likelihood of common workplace ailments like headaches and eye strain will also reduce.

Offices in older buildings were often designed as a maze of corridors and many small rooms, most without external windows. For big impact, internal non-retaining walls can be replaced with glass panels or windows. In this way, all workspaces, even those in the centre of the room, may have access to natural light.

A meeting room can be partitioned with glass doors, allowing you to keep the space open and flowing, but with the ability to close it off for privacy and soundproofing. Having glass walls can also improve productivity, as attendees at the meeting are aware of they present, not only to those in the room, but also others on the outside. Meetings will also have fewer interruptions as it is clear to the rest of the office that a meeting is in progress.

Furniture that incorporates glass will also lighten the overall atmosphere. Heavy wood furniture can impede one’s sense of space, making a small space seem even smaller. It’s easy to replace wood shelves, coffee tables and even desktops with glass, making the room seem more spacious, bright, but also elegant and modern.

Improving your office space while increasing productivity and overall morale can be accomplished with a few simple upgrades using glass. They can be small projects or more extensive changes. Regardless of the size of your upgrading plan, First Response Glass can help advise you on the best course of action, so come talk to us!