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Inspecting The Windows In Your New Home

There are so many things to consider when buying a new house. Once you’ve found your dream home, a home inspection is always highly recommended. The inspector will not only check big-ticket items like the roof, the foundation, and the structure of the house, they will also look at electrical, heating, plumbing, and the integrity of the windows in the home. The home inspection will help with budgeting for potential renovations, and one possible issue that may arise is the need to replace old, leaky windows.

A big red flag is foggy windows. A bit of condensation is always to be expected due to the difference in temperature between the interior and exterior of the house, but it is when the moisture cannot be cleaned off from either side that alarm bells will sound. The foggy appearance of the glass means that the seal has failed.

Insulated glass, also known as a sealed unit, is essentially two pieces of glass glued together with a spacer bar in between them. These two pieces of glass become one unit and are designed to insulate your home better than a single pane of glass would. In some cases, the air space is filled with Argon gas, further improving the insulating ability of the unit. Low E (low emissivity) units will also further improve the insulating ability of the unit.

When the seal has failed, causing the glass to look foggy, this means that moisture has entered between the two panes of glass. Replacement will therefore be needed. This could become a costly exercise, depending on how many windows need replaced. But there are many advantages to new windows that make them worth it in the long run.

New vinyl windows from First Response Glass, for example, feature some of the latest innovations in window technology, including heavy-duty vinyl frames and sashes, multi-chambered extrusions, and a 1-inch thick insulated, Low-E glass unit for outstanding energy efficiency. In terms of cost, vinyl windows are more budget-friendly than other types of windows. They are also low maintenance, so there is no need to re-paint them every few years.

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