Is it Okay to Repair Auto Glass Multiple Times?

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It’s happened to every vehicle owner at least once. Maybe a rock or some debris seemingly out of nowhere struck your windshield, leaving a chip or chips.

At one time this would require complete replacement, but with the technology available now rock chips can often be repaired instead. You may be wondering if you can repair one chip if it is okay to repair more than one chip without affecting the integrity of the windshield? The best approach is to have an auto windshield repair professional look at your windshield. They can tell you if it’s possible to repair all the chips and if it’s best to repair all the cracks at once. The structure of your vehicle’s windshield and its optical clarity is extremely important for your safety and the safety of all occupants in your vehicle.

By repairing your windshield on time, you ensure that your factory seal remains unscathed and is up to par with a safe windshield. Cracks left unrepaired can spread and cause more damage if not treated as soon as possible. Repairing multiple cracks is not a problem unless there is extreme (larger than a quarter) damage done. In this case, a complete windshield replacement is necessary. Repairing rock chips is a less expensive option, however the important thing is to maintain structural integrity.

Rock chips happen unexpectedly, and as mentioned here they need prompt attention to avoid further damage and maintain the safety of those inside your vehicle. A technician is trained to assess the damage and advise you if chip repair is possible or if the windshield needs replacing.

When you need auto glass repair or replacement in Victoria, call First Response Glass to book an appointment. Windshield damage is not something you can plan as it happens unexpectedly. Don’t delay in giving us a call to get it fixed right away.