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Is it time to replace that failed sealed unit?

Although not as extreme as other parts of Canada, weather and temperature fluctuations in Victoria and its surrounds cause significant wear and tear on hardworking windows. While newer windows these days perform well under extreme temperature changes, failure to the insulating sealed unit is one of the most common occurrences.

How does a sealed unit actually work? In a double-paned window, two panes of glass are separated and held together by an insulating spacer, and the entire unit is clad in a sash that can be made of vinyl, aluminium, fibreglass or wood.

How do I tell if my sealed unit has failed? The most obvious sign of a failed sealed unit is condensation between the panes of glass, as this means that moisture has been able to seep through the seal. When this happens, the glass will appear foggy or dirty. This is not to be confused with condensation on the interior side of the window which is quite normal and to be expected. If you can’t wipe away the droplets of moisture, then they are inside the sealed unit which has failed. Causes of the failure may include damage to the pane, such as a crack, or from expansion and contraction.

What can I do about my failed sealed unit? The best solution to this problem is to have the unit replaced. This does not involve replacing the entire window frame; just the insulated glass unit needs to be replaced. At First Response Glass Ltd, all of our sealed units are IGMA Certified and come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty against seal failure.

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