Is Your Auto Glass Damage Covered By ICBC?

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Auto glass damage can be a hassle to deal with, and if you are lucky enough to have not experienced it before, you likely do not know how to approach its repair. If glass on your vehicle breaks or gets damaged, your first response may be to contact ICBC. We at First Response Glass have some knowledge on the matter that could change your response, though. The truth is you may not have to contact ICBC at all, if you are covered by their optional comprehensive insurance. You can instead come directly to us, and we can start your claim for you.

Unfortunately, there are some exceptions to this. You may have to bring your vehicle to the ICBC Claims Centre, which in Victoria BC is located at 425 Dunedin Street, even if you are covered by ICBC’s comprehensive insurance. You are also able to instead call the ICBC Dial-a-Claim line at 1-800-910-4222. If any of the following applies to you, contact ICBC as above:

  • If you have a Temporary Operation Permit.
  • If your vehicle has a vehicle storage policy on it.
  • If your vehicle has more than only glass damage on it.
  • If your vehicle has more than one piece of broken glass.
  • If your vehicle is older than 20 years old.
  • If the damage occurred within 30 days after you bought the vehicle.
  • If your comprehensive insurance was purchased less than 30 days ago.

Our Promises to You

First Response Glass is here to make your experience with any glass repairs and replacement that we do as convenient and efficient as possible. Whenever we replace your windshield, we will provide you with a lifetime warranty protecting against leaks. You will also receive a deluxe interior shampoo and new wiper blades, and we will make the insurance processing procedure hassle free. Did the auto glass damage happen at an inconvenient time for you? Maybe you need your vehicle for work or for driving your family members. In any case, we will provide you with a complimentary courtesy car while your glass replacement is being completed. We know that you are depending on us to complete your replacement with high-quality workmanship and in a timely manner.

So, remember: having ICBC’s comprehensive insurance means that you are likely able to come to First Response Glass directly, instead of having to first contact ICBC. Once you have determined that you meet all of the criteria, drop by our Saanich or Langford location, no appointment necessary, or call 250-383-9300 (for Saanich) or 250-478-0872 (Langford) to book your appointment.