Modernize Your Bathroom With Frameless Glass Doors

Our last few blog posts have talked about auto glass but today we’re going to talk about residential glass and more specifically, shower glass.

A modern-looking bathroom can give your family, guests, and potential homebuyers a new reason to appreciate your home. One way you can make your bathroom look more modern is by adding a frameless glass shower door. First Response Glass is here to share how a frameless glass shower door can make a difference for you.

If you currently use shower curtains, you may not realize it but they can make the room look smaller. Chances are your bathroom is already small enough and you want to do everything to make it as big as possible. Frameless shower doors can do just that and anyone who enters the room will be drawn to the sleekness of the shower doors and to the shower behind it. They are also made with thicker tempered glass, so they are more secure.

They can also be easier to clean than glass doors with frames. With frames, they have a tendency to get gunk stuck in them. This can make them a pain to clean. With a frameless shower door, all you need to do is wipe the glass. It’s easier to maintain and more hygienic.

By modernizing your bathroom with frameless glass doors, you also increase the value of your home. On top of that, you’ll probably take extra long showers!

When it comes to our shower glass enclosures, we only offer Agalite brand shower and tub enclosures. Agalite is a leader in the Shower Door Industry and has been producing high-quality bath and shower enclosures since 1953. Contact First Response Glass to find out more about our Agalite tub and shower enclosures.