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New Vinyl Windows For A New Canadian Climate

The heat dome during the summer of 2021 hammered home a few new realities for those of us living in Western Canada. While keeping our homes warm will always be our top priority, planning to keep our homes cool is gradually becoming the new focus, as our part of Canada is increasingly experiencing extreme temperatures at both ends of the mercury.

A great way to cool your home is with air conditioning, but a new HVAC system will likely set you back a considerable amount, depending on the size of your home. Running the air conditioner all summer long is also not inexpensive.

A good alternative is upgrading the windows in your home. New vinyl windows are enhanced with the technology to regulate the temperature in your home, retaining heat within the house during the winter, while maintaining the cooler temperatures inside when it is hot outside. New windows create comfort in the home, while keeping your energy bills down too.

What can you expect from our vinyl windows? Firstly, heavy-duty vinyl frames and sashes, multi-chambered extrusions and a 1″ thick insulated, Low-E glass unit achieve outstanding energy efficiency. Together, with its superior durability and structural integrity, our premiere vinyl window is as strong as it is beautiful, expertly crafted to withstand everyday wear and tear. Maintenance is minimal, as there is no need to re-stain or re-paint.

First Response Glass offers free estimates. Call us on 250-383-9300 to speak to one of our knowledgeable staff. It’s not too early to start planning for another hot summer with a window replacement project that will benefit you and your family all year round.