Not All Windshield Chips Are Equal

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Vehicle owners often mistakenly believe that having a rock chip in their windshield repaired means the chip will be invisible afterwards. The intent of rock chip repair is merely to maintain the structural integrity of the windshield and to prevent the crack from spreading. Since the windshield is not being replaced, any aesthetic improvement is considered a bonus.

Once a windshield has been damaged by a rock chip it is considered broken, a fact known throughout our industry. There are many different types of rock chips and environmental factors that make for a whole array of varied chip repair results.

Having a rock chip repaired offers no guarantee that the spot will be invisible. A watermark or scar is possible once the repair is complete. Again, the repair is intended to fix a structural issue and appearance is not the objective. The technician’s goal is to prevent the chip from growing.

If a chip appears in your line of vision, your insurance company may instruct you to have the windshield replaced. Even a good chip repair may obstruct your vision. There are many different types of chips, and the rule of thumb is if it can be covered in its entirety (crack included) by a coin it should be repairable. Any chips larger than a quarter may signal that it’s time to consider a windshield replacement instead.

During your appointment at First Response Glass, one or our highly qualified technicians will assess the damage and recommend replacement if they see any of the following:

  • The impact point interferes with the driver’s line of vision
  • There are 3 or more chips in one windshield
  • The impact point extends through more than one layer of the laminated glass
  • The inside layer is cracked or chipped
  • Point of impact is pulverized
  • The chip is larger than a quarter

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