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Preventing Window Drafts

Does your house feel cold over the winter months? Ill-fitting windows can cause drafts, making your interior space feel uncomfortably cold. To prevent these drafts, first identify where they are coming from. A trick of the trade is to light a match or a candle in each room and watch the flame, noting when it bends or flickers, then marking the spot on the window.

One of the first things to check would be weatherstripping and caulking. There might be areas where repairs or replacements need to be made. A visit to the hardware store would reveal a variety of weatherstripping options, including rubber, felt, V-seal weatherstripping and an expanding foam weatherstripping out of an aerosol can.
Caulking on the exterior of windows breaks down more quickly than the caulking on the interior. Subject to the elements and wide range of temperatures, exterior caulking needs to be checked annually for gaps and cracks. Similarly, interior caulking shouldn’t be neglected either. An annual inspection will do no harm.

Another easy way to reduce the draftiness in your home is with drapery. Switch out your lightweight summer curtains for heavier drapes in the winter. Honeycomb shades trap air in layers that act as insulation as well.

If your house is fitted with single pane windows, right there is where the problem lies. If replacing those windows are not a viable option, budget-friendly additions like rebate flanges and storm windows should be considered. Also known as “renovation flange”, as the name implies, this is a solid option for renovation applications. These budget-friendly windows basically allow you to add a window that will “piggy back” onto your existing single-glazed frame. The retrofit method of creating double glazing is done by mounting a new window to the outside face of your existing frame, covering the area where the old window meets the exterior siding or stucco.

Storm windows are inserts can be fitted on the interior or exterior of existing window frames, increasing the insulation. Both storm windows and rebate flanges can be matched with your existing windows for a cohesive look. Oftentimes, they are not even noticeable.

If your budget extends to replacements, new windows are the most solid option to stopping that draftiness in your home. Come in and chat with one of our specialists who can help you find the best option for you!