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Proper Way To Remove Bugs From Your Car Windshield

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Spring is in the air! That means the bugs are out of hibernation and you may have already noticed them spattered across your windshield. Bugs are harmless enough, however they should be removed from your car before they damage the paint or glass. Here are some tips to keep bug splatter from damaging your windshield.

Regularly wash your windshield

The best way to deal with bugs is frequent washing of your car. Even if this is not possible, clean the areas where bugs wind up. Gas stations provide the tools needed to clean your windshield as a courtesy, so make use of them every time you fill up.

Don’t use your windshield wipers to remove bugs

It might be tempting to just use the wipers to clear them from your windshield, but keep in mind that some may still be alive. Using your wiper blades on live bugs is a bad idea because the blades will squish them and more bug splatter will end up on the glass. The dead bugs could damage the wiper blades themselves and end up scratching the windshield.

Use WD-40 to get rid of hard to remove bugs

If for some reason bugs are left for too long on your glass, the residue can be harder to remove. A microfiber cloth and WD-40 will work wonders to easily deal with the problem. First spray some WD-40 on the windshield and let the oils sit for a few minutes, and then wipe with a soft microfiber cloth so as not to scratch the glass surface.

Get your car waxed

Another option is to get your car waxed. This makes it too slippery for bugs to stick. While this protects the car’s paint and not the windshield, it will lessen the number of bugs you see on your car.

The tips listed above are some ways to protect and even avoid replacing your windshield due to scratches and other damage from insects. When the time comes and you need a windshield repair or replacement consider contacting the professionals here at First Response Glass.