Rebate Flange Windows

It’s come time to change out those draughty single-pane windows to something more efficient, but the cost of new windows can be prohibitive to many of us. Instead of just gritting your teeth and bearing the cold, you might consider “rebate flange” windows.

Also known as “renovation flange”, as the name implies, this is a solid option for renovation applications. These budget-friendly windows basically allow you to add a window that will “piggy back” onto your existing single-glazed frame. The retrofit method of creating double glazing is done by mounting a new window to the outside face of your existing frame, covering the area where the old window meets the exterior siding or stucco.

Rebate flange windows are designed so that the installation is straightforward and doesn’t require any exterior materials of the house to be removed. The windows are measured to custom-fit the existing window perfectly. In this way, the installation is mostly non-invasive, with no damage to the inside wall, the window trim or the exterior siding. It is both cost-effective and quick. The new window will also come with the latest in window technology, including energy efficiency with Low E glass.

This option is not only economical but also looks great!

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