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Repair or Replace? – When Good Windows Go Bad

With our landfills filling up at a rapid rate, many of us are trying our best to be conscious of what we throw out if it can’t be recycled or reused. Similarly, longevity is an important factor when we invest in costly items, be they household appliances, sports equipment, or windows, for that matter.

So, when you find that your existing windows are no longer doing the job – whether they are leaky, cold, or broken – you might wonder whether you should repair the damage or simply replace them. Here are a few scenarios to help you decide.

Foggy windows

A bit of condensation is perfectly normal, but if you are not able to wipe away the water, that means that the moisture is in between the panes of insulation. The sealed unit has, therefore, failed. In this case, repair is not possible, and a replacement is required.

Water leakage

If you find water near the window, there might be a few reasons for it. Could a drainpipe outside be forcing water through the window? While windows are supposed to hold back water, great force can still allow water to enter into the house. This is why one should never use a pressure washer to clean windows. If the source is detected outside, a re-routing of drainage will help the situation.

It is also possible that the window casing is failing. If a repair makes little difference, then a new window might be in your near future.

Cracked or Broken Glass

On single pane windows, repair to a crack can be easily done by a glazier or even the homeowner, although a blemish will remain on the glass after. On a multi-pane window, on the other hand, will need to be replaced, as the seal will be compromised.

Broken mullions

Mullions are the pieces of wood separating the panes of glass on a window. If these are faux mullions set between double panes, nothing can be done to fix it, but on the other hand, this does not affect the window’s functionality.

If wood mullions are split or rotten, they can be repaired by a window specialist or a carpenter.

Damaged exterior casing

Cracked, rotting or broken exterior casing does not directly affect the window’s functionality. Wood exterior casing can be repaired or replaced independent of the window.

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