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The Benefits of Immediate Windshield Repair

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It’s human nature to procrastinate. There are always other things that take precedence. While some tasks can be tackled later, a glass chip or crack on your windshield should always move to the top of your “to-do” list when you encounter it. What seems like an insignificant ding in the glass can easily worsen and get bigger as you continue driving your vehicle. Not only would that compromise the safety of the vehicle, but it could compound into a full windshield replacement, costing time and money and causing greater inconvenience.

What type of windshield damage qualifies for a repair, as opposed to a full replacement?

Our qualified technicians will assess the best procedure for each case. Generally, a small chip less than 1 cm in diameter or a crack under 8 cm. in length can qualify for repairs, as long as the damage is not in the driver’s direct line of sight, or the damaged area does not reach the edge of the windshield.

What are the benefits of getting a windshield repair done immediately?

As mentioned earlier, the longer you wait, the bigger the problem will become, as the area of damage can enlarge beyond repair.

Leaving the damaged area exposed to the elements for an extended period can cause dirt to build up in the chip or crack, making it a poor candidate for repair.

A repaired windshield is one less item to end up in the landfill, so getting repairs done quickly will also help the environment.

Repairs will ensure that your vehicle is safe for use again.

As repairs are a much smaller job than replacements, they take less time, use fewer materials and are therefore more economical. Plus, if you have comprehensive insurance coverage, the repair will be covered, with no deductible.

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