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The Top 5 Signs That Say You Need To Replace Your Windows

Windows in an old house will eventually stop being functional. Even if they look good from afar, chances are, they might be far from good! Look out for these warning signs, and if any of them apply to your home, it might be time to call in the professionals.

  1. Drafts

Can you hear the wind whistling through the windows or the windows rattling during winter storms? Do you feel cold air entering the room from the window frames? If you answer yes to these questions, then your windows are a poor fit. Leaky windows will have your furnace working much harder to keep your house warm during the winter, resulting in expensive Hydro bills, which takes us to Sign #2.

  1. Exorbitant Energy Bill

The energy inefficient windows will cause your energy bill to skyrocket, as the furnace works overtime to maintain the thermostat’s set temperature. Investing in new windows will not only help you save on bills in the long run, it will also prolong the lifespan of your furnace while preventing fuel wastage.

  1. Condensation

A bit of condensation on your windows is to be expected, but if the problem is persistent and the bit of moisture never dries up, then it’s a sign the windows are no longer working. If the moisture build-up is in the space between the double panes, this means your sealed unit has failed and a replacement is definitely needed.

  1. Poor Window Operation

If you can’t open, close or lock your windows, then they are not operating as they should. Proper function is essential for comfort, safety and additional security. A window that can’t open will prevent a room from ventilation, and in the worst-case scenario, can hinder escape from fire or other emergency.

  1. Rotting or Damaged Window Frames

Old wood frames that are infrequently maintained will eventually decay over time. With exposure to wet weather, moisture and damage, mould can develop too. It’s a good idea to check your windows annually from the inside and out for damage to the frames and to the glass. If the damage can’t be repaired, then it’s time to replace.

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