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What To Expect When You Bring Your Vehicle In

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We know how something like a damaged windshield can completely ruin your day, but we should always expect the unexpected! Debris kicked up when driving, a fender-bender, or an unfortunate break-in, can all happen with no warning whatsoever. However, we can fill you in on what to expect when you bring your vehicle in to First Response Glass for replacement of your damaged windshield.

First things first, at First Response Glass, you can drop by without an appointment. As an ICBC Glass Express shop and an authorized service provider for all major insurance companies, we can process your insurance claim. Comprehensive Insurance covers damaged glass caused by flying rocks or road debris striking and breaking your vehicle’s glass, break-ins, vandalism and other accidental breakages. Your comprehensive deductible is the only out of pocket expense you will incur.

On your initial visit, we will determine what needs to be done, order glass if needed and book an appointment for the replacement. On the day of windshield replacement, if you need a vehicle for the day while yours is in the shop, we are happy to provide a complimentary courtesy car for your use until it’s time to collect your vehicle.

When you get your vehicle back, you will find a clean vehicle ready to go, with new wipers installed. If your vehicle was installed with ADAS (Advanced Driver(s) Assistance Systems), you can rest assured that our technicians would have carefully re-calibrated it to ensure all your safety systems are functioning properly.

With your windshield replacement, is also a lifetime no leak warranty. Our friendly staff, hassle-free insurance processing and quick turn-around means that, hopefully, your day didn’t turn out to be a complete write-off!