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When A Windshield Replacement Is Needed

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Windshield damage comes in all shapes and sizes – from tiny star-shaped chips to big cracks extending across the glass. Not every type of damage requires a replacement of the windshield, but it’s important to assess the damage and situation carefully before proceeding with either a repair or replacement.

Your vehicle’s windshield must give the driver a clear and unobstructed view of the surroundings. Even a small chip can be a distraction, especially if it’s in the driver’s direct line of vision. These small annoyances, not larger than the size of a quarter, should be repaired by an auto glass professional like First Response Glass. It is unlikely that a windshield replacement will be needed unless the damage has grown in size.

A replacement is a must if your windshield is cracked or broken. Never drive your vehicle if the windshield is extensively damaged as the structural integrity of the vehicle is in turn compromised by the weakened windshield.

Wear and tear and degradation over time may also warrant a windshield replacement. An accumulation of small nicks, chips and dirt over time can cause haloing effects on the glass. Similarly, with general deterioration, a haziness could form, making vision poor for the driver. With impaired visibility, the chances of accidents increase, so it is advisable to have your windshield replaced.

If you’re not sure about the condition of your windshield or if you’re unsure between a repair of replacement, make an appointment to bring your vehicle into First Response Glass to have a one of our specialists give an opinion.