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Why Vinyl Should Be Your Next Window Choice

Replacing your old draughty windows with new vinyl ones makes good sense, and in this FAQ blog article, we want to show you how and why.

Are vinyl windows durable?

Vinyl windows are structurally strong and have a longer life expectancy than most other window types. They don’t require the same type of maintenance you might expect of, say, wood windows, thus saving you time, effort and money.

I want to maintain the heritage appearance of my house. Can I still have vinyl windows?

Vinyl windows come in a variety of design options, so it is possible to find a style that matches the character of your home. Your house will benefit from the seamless look and the new energy efficiency the vinyl windows adds to your home.

Speaking of energy efficiency, just how energy efficient are vinyl windows?

Among the options on the market, vinyl windows are likely the most energy efficient as a material for any window frame. Vinyl is a neutral material that doesn’t absorb heat, like aluminum, and as such, will not transfer heat in or out of the window. Vinyl windows are airtight. With no joints or spaces for cold air to sneak through, a properly installed vinyl window prevents air leakage in any direction.

The insulated glass of the window also plays a vital role. Our vinyl windows come with multi-chambered extrusions and a 1″ thick insulated, Low-E glass unit with warm-edge spacer technology for thermal efficiency.

Are vinyl windows cost efficient?

Vinyl windows are extremely budget friendly in the replacement window market, especially when one considers the savings in energy bills over the lifespan of the windows and the augmented value of your home with new energy-efficient windows.

How does vinyl compare with other materials for windows?

Vinyl v. Wood: In homes where a greater importance is placed on character over energy efficiency, wood might then be the more ideal choice of material, as there might be more customization options, as well as a greater choice of colours for painting or staining. If the homeowner is unable to commit to the maintenance involved for wood windows, vinyl will be the better option. While well-maintained wood windows can sometimes last longer than vinyl windows, they may encounter problems such as warping or cracking which may compromise the window’s energy efficiency.

Vinyl v. Aluminum: Vinyl compares more favourably than aluminum in energy efficiency, noise reduction and reduced condensation. On the other hand, aluminum has the advantage of colour matching as it can be painted.

Vinyl v. fibreglass: Fibreglass probably presents the biggest competition to vinyl, as their benefits are very similar in energy efficiency, durability and appearance. The advantage of fibreglass over vinyl is its ability to be painted, and its eco-friendliness during manufacture which uses recyclable glass. If cost efficiency is a priority, then vinyl is the better option.

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