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Windshield Maintenance Tips For Winter

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With the approaching seasonal change, we instinctively adjust our daily routines and prepare for the colder weather. Because harsher winter conditions predicate much of what we do, you might change out to snow tires if you expect to be driving on snow and ice, top up the fluids in your car, and check that your vehicle’s emergency kit is stocked and ready. There are also a few important things to prepare for with regards to your windshield. Here are our top 3 tips.

  1. Check for windshield damage

You may have noticed a little chip or crack that appeared over the summer, but as it isn’t in your direct line of sight, you’ve generally ignored it. Well, before the real cold sets in, it is a good idea to get the damage repaired, no matter how small it may be. This is because auto glass contracts slightly in freezing temperatures. Although this is not noticeable when the windshield is intact, it becomes more evident when there is existing damage to the glass, causing even the smallest chip or crack to grow. Water pooled in the damage area can also cause the chip or crack to grow, as it freezes and melts continually over time.

As prevention is better than cure, check your windshield for any damage, and schedule in a repair at First Response Glass as soon as possible if you find damage. A quick repair will likely nip the problem in the bud and save you having to replace the entire windshield.

  1. Use proper snow and ice removal methods

Firstly, take your time when defrosting your windshield. This may mean starting the day earlier than normal (and we get it, it’s hard when it’s so dark outside!). When you are in a hurry, you may be tempted to get your windshield cleared quickly, causing damage or having to subsequently drive when visibility is still poor.

Start by turning on the defroster and allowing the air to slowly warm up your windshield, loosening any ice stuck to it on the outside. It’s important not to crank up the heat too quickly as the sudden temperature change could potentially crack the glass. While the defroster is on, remove snow and ice using proper equipment such as a snow brush or a plastic scraper for ice. Avoid metal instruments that could scratch or chip your windows.

  1. Replace your windshield wipers

It is advisable to replace your wipers every six months or when they squeak or skip. You’ll use your wipers more in the winter months, so have them in good shape.

As always, First Response Glass is here to help if you need repairs or replacement.