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Windshield Wipers – All Your Questions Answered

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It may be easy to overlook the humble windshield wiper. Yet, when you need it at a moment’s notice during that sudden torrential downpour, nothing could be more essential to your driving comfort and safety. So that you never get caught out, here are a few tips on when to change your wiper blades and the do’s and don’ts when it comes to how to use your wipers.

When should I change my wiper blades?

The general rule of thumb is every six months, but here are a few indicators that it’s time to change the blades:

  • There’s a loud squeaking when blades are in use on a wet windshield
  • The wipers leave streaks on the windshield
  • The blades lift and skip when driving at higher speeds
  • There are cracks or chips on the rubber blade

What’s next? Before you buy a new set of wiper blades, check your vehicle’s owner manual which should give you the correct sizes you’ll need for the front and rear windows. Follow the instructions in the manual or the packaging to remove the old wipers and install the new ones.

Now that you have a brand-new set of wipers, check out this handy list of do’s and don’ts.

  1. Wipe down your wiper blades every few weeks, or when you are cleaning your vehicle. This will keep them clean, but also prevent debris from scratching the windshield glass.
  2. Use your wipers only when your windows are wet. Using them too soon can damage the blades.
  3. Don’t scrape ice with your wipers. Use an ice scraper instead.
  4. Avoid leaving your car in direct sunlight for long periods, as the sun’s UV rays can break down the rubber and plastic on the blades.
  5. There’s debate over the practice of raising the blades during snowfall. While it may prevent the blades from freezing onto the windshield, heavy snowfall can cause the blades to snap, or pull the blades backwards and cause damage to the mechanism.

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